Our most valuable source; Employees!

We perform active career management policy towards increase our employees' motivations.

Our HR Policy

As Aktifedt, we believe that the first way of delivering the best service to our customers can be achieved with qualified and proactive workforce. When doing this, the most important thing is to perform the correct human and correct business planning which shows parallels with our customer-oriented approach. We aim to meet the business required in line with our business goals and strategies, evaluate it efficiently and ensure continuity.

The basis of our Human Resources policy is the satisfaction of our employees’. Each of our employees is defined as a family member and we are trying to spread the corporate culture journey starting from the recruitment process in all areas of work.


Applicants, personal applications, referrals received on a reference and collected in our pool that we received upon the web sites of contracted institutions about potential open positions in our departments are evaluated by our Human Resources Department and delivered to the related unit managers. Recruitment is carried out in two stages by evaluating the accommodate ability of the candidates’ professional knowledge and skills, education levels, ethical values and teamwork.

Education and Orientation

Orientations of the employees that hired are performed with one-to-one educations for one month. In this process, the corporate culture is given as well as the technical characteristics of the job.

Our training plans are divided into two groups as technical training and social training. Technical trainings are carried out on the basis of units, while social trainings are carried out by planning all our employees for every area from within life. Our training aims to improve the quality of our employees with the aim of improving the quality of work.

Performance Evaluation

The performance evaluation process is carried out twice a year in 6-month periods to assess the work efficiency of our employees. Regardless of their duties, we act in our institution knowing that it is important for individuals to recognize their work, activities, deficiencies, competencies, and surpluses.

Planned in the light of the wage structures and the performance evaluations that we have performed.

Internship Period

We provide internship opportunities for Vocational High School, Associate Degree and Language students and enable them to transfer the theoretical knowledge they have acquired throughout their education to their business life.

We also offer career planning for our successful students in the internship process. Besides, we know our duty to contribute to our nation and country.