We follow all kinds of innovation in the Out-of-Home Consumption sector and strengthen our communications everyday to meet our customers’ prospective product and service demands.


More than gaining confidence, we enable our solution partner to be confident about the job and the future, we offer the required service and quality to our customers with our expert staff at Mediterranean region.

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We make delivery of quality products and brands to Hotel, Restaurant, Café, Patisserie and Catering companies. We shine through with our service in the sector and making difference.


We get in contact with many global and national business partner to provide product range in a wide scope and to offer the products of distinguished brands to our customers.

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Our indispensable values; healthy, quality and safe product. With knowledge and experience in the distribution sector we march forward to our goals and produce solutions by setting customer expectations.


We act with the manner of right product at the right time for the professionals.  Thanks to our wide sales network and experienced staff, we have a voice in our district with reliable and delicious products.

Quality Brands

The secret of our success is the synergy that we created with strong collaborations…

Restaurant, Café

The requested products in the direction of gradually varying expectations for Restaurant and Café’s are still varying. And we contribute to present delicious meals in decent places.

On-time Delivery

With the wide sales network, we have a voice in our district…

Hotels, Resorts

We shine through with our service, competitive price and product range in the distribution sector and producing solutions by setting our tourism sector customers’ expectations correctly.

Experienced Staff

The care about our job is coming from our certain sense of quality…

Catering Companies

For the professionals that selling wholesale meal, we offer the right product at the right time with an experienced team and competitive prices. The care about our job is a part of our certain sense of quality.

Aktifedt is a member of ETÜDER Food Service Suppliers Association.